Criteria when choosing an apartment that foreigners need to know

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04:36:48 29/9/2021

Criteria when choosing an apartment that foreigners need to know. Currently, in Vietnam, many apartment projects are built in beautiful locations. In addition to the open door policy that facilitates foreigners to buy houses in Vietnam. It is inevitable that there are difficulties in choosing for home buyers. And need more information to ease the decision

So based on what evaluation criteria to feel secure when choosing to buy yourself the most effective place to live or invest. The following will be suggestions for foreigners when deciding to buy an apartment in Vietnam

Criteria when choosing an apartment that foreigners need to know (Photos are for illustrative purposes)

Geographical location and convenient distance


The location of the area you need to live in is always the top criterion that foreigners buying a house are interested in.

Determining to buy to live in: Consider related utilities such as infrastructure, transportation, parks, schools, hospitals, areas where many foreigners live.

Buying investment: Similar to foreigners buying houses to invest in renting or buying and reselling, the location of the apartment to invest is very important. Because it is towards high liquidity, which means that there is a Many people have a lot of demand for rent. Or the area is good with many people who want to buy and live, your cash flow will be rotated to invest in other apartments.

Criteria when choosing an apartment that foreigners need to know (Photos are for illustrative purposes)

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Convenient distance

The faster the location connects to the center, the more synchronous and diversified development of transport infrastructure will help residents shorten the travel time each day.

Furthermore, a good location also offers potential upside for the property that homebuyers own.

Criteria when choosing an apartment that foreigners need to know (Photos are for illustrative purposes)

Legal transparency

The legality of the project is a very important factor to consider when choosing to buy any real estate product. You need to see more to ensure financial safety for foreign buyers.

For projects formed in the future, according to regulations, the foundation must be completed with apartments and infrastructure with new urban areas to be sold to customers.

You need to better understand the policies of buying for foreigners to avoid wasting your time. Follow the article on legal procedures for foreigners buying houses in Vietnam

Criteria when choosing an apartment that foreigners need to know

In addition, before buying an apartment, the Investor must show documents of guarantee from the bank. and at the same time have a written approval from the Department of Construction that the product is eligible to sell houses to foreigners and real projects formed in the future.

Prestigious investor – A builder with a heart and a vision

Choosing a reputable investor of the investor is also one of the extremely important criteria that homebuyers need to pay close attention to before buying a house. According to the analysis of real estate experts, apartment projects developed by reputable investors will always be preferred by customers.

In addition, the construction unit must be responsible and reputable. Having many years of construction experience with large apartment projects so you can be more secure and minimize risks in buying houses or investing

When the investor and the prestigious construction unit have a strategic vision and enthusiasm, they will always do what they have committed to customers, and always strive to bring true living values ​​to customers. customers

Criteria when choosing an apartment that foreigners need to know

Optimal financial support policy

The project has a flexible and attractive financial policy that always attracts foreigners to buy houses and invest. Customers will feel satisfied because of the maximum support from the investor to own a quality house as desired and feel less pressure on financial issues. Such as assisting in the provision of legal documents required by the bank in your country

If you pay once, learn about incentives such as high discounts, valuable gifts of projects that also help you save a part of the cost. This attracts customers who are interested Foreigners.

Criteria when choosing an apartment that foreigners need to know

In addition, the investor’s flexible payment according to the progress of the project also facilitates foreigners to easily buy a house with a payment level that is suitable for your monthly income.

Full utilities – diverse

Utilities are the differentiating value and the most important point of high-class apartment buildings. Nowaday, the utility needs of condominiums are particularly interested by Vietnamese or foreign buyers, the utility level of the apartment complex can be used to evaluate and confirm the quality and class standards of the apartment complex
Each housing development project is invested with different utilities and the utility level in the housing areas is also different due to limitations on total investment, project size and consumption cost.
Choosing to buy a convenient apartment inside and outside the area is extremely important. Must meet the following criteria:
– The electricity system, roads, schools, public transport are not too far away, convenient for daily necessities.
– Amusement, entertainment, shopping area within 1 km radius. Work requires rest and play. It would be great if you live in the apartment complex with parks, swimming pools, and green parks to enjoy relaxing weekend moments.

Criteria when choosing an apartment that foreigners need to know

– Fire prevention. The skyscraper apartment buildings, if the fire protection is poor, the danger will come to your family at any time. Therefore, when buying an apartment, you need to ask the investor to clearly announce the system of fire-fighting equipment, alarm points when there is an unsafe incident. In addition, the apartment should have a good security system, controlled by magnetic cards, fingerprints … to avoid strangers breaking into the apartment causing unsafety.
– Infrastructure – technical: In an apartment complex, the technical infrastructure system must be invested synchronously and completely.
This is the minimum requirement of criteria when choosing an apartment for residence, the quality and scale of these works are the conditions for consumers to choose.

Phu My Hung is an absolute convenient urban area in the South of Saigon

Phu My Hung urban area is an urban area located in the south of Ho Chi Minh City. Phu My Hung Urban Area is one of the most prominent urban areas in Vietnam, where people with high incomes and knowledge live, a center of finance, commerce, service, industry, science, culture, education, residence, entertainment.

Currently, the first urban cluster of Phu My Hung Urban Center (Zone A) is formed, attracting a large number of residents to live here, including foreigners.

Many large domestic and foreign corporations choose Phu My Hung as their official place of operation in Vietnam. For example, multinational corporations Manulife, Unilever and large domestic corporations and enterprises such as Petro Vietnam, Vinamilk… In addition, most of the major banks in Vietnam are also operating in this urban area.

Social infrastructure develops synchronously with hospitals and schools at all levels from kindergarten to university. Especially with the low construction density in this PMH, good and quiet internal traffic system, Phu My Hung has changed the perception of many people about the house. A “standard” house is not only the inside of 4 walls, where it protects from rain and sun, but also has space and utility when stepping out the door.

Criteria when choosing an apartment that foreigners need to know

Today, Phu My Hung is considered a second Saigon center. The master plan of this urban area meets all the needs of a modern life and work. Currently, many projects in the cultural, commercial and financial center of Phu My Hung urban area have been completed or are in the process of being built.

In addition, Phu My Hung also develops projects such as offices for rent, commercial stores, cinemas with modern equipment, shopping centers and apartments with European architectural appearance. This place is also famous for works such as Crescent Lake, artificial canal. Around these works are pedestrian streets, buildings with modern architecture.