Rent Apartment district 7 ho chi minh city. We are glad to introduce to you our new apartment. those are apartments in Phu My Hung area with modern and cheap price. With the desire to bring customers a peaceful and modern place where you can experience a luxurious and upscale living space with a unique and novel utility system at apartments in Phu My Hung District 7, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

Apartment for rent district 7

Best House real estate company would like to introduce to our customers the luxury apartments in Phu My Hung with many special incentives We are always proud to be the company that gives customers the best service. Not only an ideal living space, Phu My Hung luxury apartments also create a new lifestyle for all residents with all styles and The prices that suit your needs.

Green Valley in Phu My Hung District 7

Green Valley is located in the center of Phu My Hung urban area, next to golf course. From Green Valley, you can walk to Crescent Lake, Anh Sao Bridge, Crescent Mall and Phu My Hung International Financial and Commercial District.

Apartment for rent district 7 Green Valley

Building facilities:

Swimming pool, 2 gyms, community room, children’s play area and internal park on the 2nd floor

 Area amenities:

Near schools such as Vo Thi Sau Primary School, International schools such as Kinderstar, Chuyen Nho Kindergarten, My Phuoc Kindergarten, etc.

Near Vietnam France International Hospital, Singapore’s Careplus International Clinic, etc

Cresent Mall, Vivo City Shopping Center, Aeon Supermarket system in the area, large and small stores

Restaurants with diverse and multi-national cuisines such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, etc.

Apartment introduction 

– Two bedrooms from 88 sqm to 96 sqm. from 18million (780 USD) to 23,5 million ( 1000 USD)

– Three Bedrooms From from 24,3 million ( 1050 USD) to 30 million ( 1300 USD)

 Scenic Valley in Phu My Hung District 7- “ favorite place for kids”Apartment  for rent in District 7 with Green Valley Area is known as the green valley rising up in the center of District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. With green space, beautiful large campus, surrounded by a system of tennis courts and golf courses, Green Valley’s green swimming pool is like a clear love song that makes people’s souls relax and sublimate.

If it comes to apartments for rent in District 7, we must mention Scenic Valley apartments. Scenic Valley Located in the Medical and Nursing area of Phu My Hung, it is only a few minutes walk from Scenic Valley to the International Trade and Finance Center, Crescent Mall

Scenic Valley is the wonderful melodies of the design language, Under the skillful hands of the designers and the care of the owner, each living space in the Scenic Valley apartment is transformed to become beautiful, Useful, a relaxing place full of fun, enough to arouse all emotions

Apartment for rent district 7 Scenic Valley

Building facilities

Utilities include 2 beautiful swimming pools, A swimming pool on the 3rd floor of Block A overlooking the river and golf course, A large swimming pool located on the ground floor with two separate areas for adults and children.

Gym room with open space modern equipment, Zumba and Yoga practice room, etc

The children’s play area is large and next to it is an  BBQ area for children and parents to enjoy on the weekend.

Apartment introduction

– Two bedrooms: 71 sqm, 77 sqm, 80sqm. The Price is from 17million (700 USD)  – 20 million ( 900 USD)

– Three bedrooms: 89Sqm,101sqm, 110sqm,. The Price is from 23 million ( 1000 USD)  to 50 million ( 2000 USD)

The highlight of Scenic Valley is next to Maia Club – a unique sand-bottom swimming pool for everyone, restaurants and amusement parks and next to the Golf Course for the elite in addition to the unique Scenic Valley area.

Happy Valley  and Happy Valley Premier in Phu My Hung District 7 – “ Perfect living space for your family”

Happy Valley The expansive landscape, the design full of human values while putting people at the center, creates the ideal living space for the whole happy community. Not just a living space, at Happy Valley, you can feel the happiness from the most simple activities, the joy of children playing, from warm moments of family activities. , from the harmony and closeness of the community.

Apartment for rent district 7- happy valley apartment was voted as the most beautiful by Phu My Hung magazine

Apartment introduction

– Two bedrooms: 100 Sqm. The Price is from from 20 million ( 900 USD) to 23 million ( 1000 USD)

– Three bedrooms: 100sqm-135sqm. The Price is from 23 million ( 1000 USD)  to 30million ( 1300USD)

RiverPark Premier

The special feature of the apartment in Happy valley in addition to the waterfall pool, gym, BBQ area, etc. Next to Happy Valley is Saigon Wonderland Park with amusement parks, restaurants, Tennis courts, etc.

Riverpark Premier location known as the Central Business District of the South area of Ho Chi Minh City and the heart of Phu My Hung urban area

Riverpark Premier owns a prosperous land position when the back is a river, located next to two famous schools in Phu My Hung, Saigon South International School and Dinh Thien Ly School.

Apartment for rent district 7 Riverpark Premier

Apartment introduction

– Two bedrooms: 120 sqm-130Sqm. The Price is from 45 million (2200 USD) to 60 million ( 2500USD)

– Three bedrooms: 140Sqm. The Price is from 65 million ( 2800USD)  to 70 million ( 3000USD)

Building facilities:

Public facilities such as swimming pool, community room, club, children’s play area, Yoga yard, GYM room… are located on the 2nd floor.

Riverpark Premier has a full range of facilities for residents with green parks, royal gardens, entertainment services, full cuisine, guaranteed security, high-class educational, medical and commercial facilities, …

Apartment for rent in District 7 is the most prominent feature of Ho Chi Minh City. Specifically Riverpark Premier is the project with the most utility investment to create a resort-like living space. The interior of the community spaces is also cared for in every detail to ensure luxurious elements and modern

Sakura Park- Midtown in Phu My Hung District 7 “ Million Dollar Cherry Blossom Park”

Sakura Park – Midtown is considered the highlight of Phu My Hung complex, from the beginning, Sakura Park was determined to take on the key role of creating uniqueness, “blowing soul” for the landscape here. Midtown is also one of the best apartments for rent in District 7 Ho Chi Minh city in Phu My Hung area

Everywhere you can see the presence of green space, whether you are on the terrace or underground, or in a public area, the green area is always around you, that is the idea of green space throughout. When residents settle here, they always enjoy two pieces of green space, a public green area in the internal courtyard or a separate green area in the building’s hanging garden.

Apartment for rent district 7 Sakura Park

Building facilities

It is impossible not to mention beautiful cherry blossom road next to the Ca Cam river creating a great landscape “pose” that is hardly available in other areas  – a park with an area of 11,722 m2 with more than 45% for trees. This is expected to become the city’s second pedestrian street

Midtown is the first building with a sauna room, a massage room. The modern machinery in Gym, the air conditioning system is opened all day and security cards only for residents here. Next is the beautiful infinity pool where residents can enjoy life no different paradise. BBQ area like Hotel 5 stars with tables and chairs for outdoor cozy parties

Area amenities:

Midtown located in the South Area of the Ho Chi Minh City is an area with the most international schools such as Taipei School, Korean School, Japanese School, Canadian International School, Le Van Tam School, etc. whatever country you are in, you can consider choosing the right school for your child

 Apartment introduction

– One bedrooms: 69Sqm. The Price is from 15 million ( 650USD)  to 20 million ( ~900 USD)

– Two bedrooms: 83 Sqm, 90sqm, 110 sqm. The Price is from 21 million ( ~905 USD)  to 27 million ( ~1200 USD)

– Three bedrooms:  110 Sqm, 120 sqm 135 sqm. The Price is from 27 million ( 1200 USD)  to  35 million ( ~1500USD)

In addition, Also we have so many other Area in Phu My Hung such as Happy Residence, Happy Residence Premier, Nam Phuc (Le Jardin), River Park Premier, Riverside Residence, … extremely beautiful house and price according to your needs. All of our services are completely free.At Sakura Park Midtown, residents can enjoy the harmonious nature and breathtaking scenery, relax with the early morning birdsong, watch the blooming green patches, and experience the comforts of life. live in the city. It is a smooth combination of modern lifestyle and peaceful nature

Apartment for rent in District 7 – Advantages of working Best House Real Estate Agency

– We provide transport assistance for customers to see the house.

–  Search for affordable property and negotiate the best price for tenants.

– After-sales care from assistance with invoicing to the landlord, to bill payment (if required), Support for apartment repair issues.

– Supporting with free air conditioning and cleaning issues every 6 months.

– Support provides maids with basic language skills training and other skills to serve foreigners.

– There is always a customer Service department, 24/7 fast handling of problems.

Mobile phone: (+84)909 197 412 (in Vietnamese /in other countries).

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For rent
District 7

2Bedroom Apartment In Midtown For Rent Cozy And Well-Equipped

$ 1,250/ month

Price: $ 1,250/ month
Bedroom: 2
Size: 89 sqm
For rent
District 7

Midtown modern style Apartment For Rent

$ 1,000/ month

Price: $ 1,000/ month
Bedroom: 2
Size: 91 sqm
For rent
District 7

Apartment 2bedrooms In Midtown

$ 1,100/ month

Price: $ 1,100/ month
Bedroom: 2
Size: 90 sqm
For rent
District 7

Apartment in Sakura Park for rent cheap price

$ 1,000/ month

Price: $ 1,000/ month
Bedroom: 2
Size: 97 sqm