Rent Apartment District 7 Midtown M7 Signatutre. Modern life and growing development. So most of the upper class need a best place that is both safe and secure. And now to meet that need, a series of extremely high-class projects have been born. The Signature M7 See the green scenery, cool river and feel the fresh and cool atmosphere creeping into every corner of life

Apartment for rent Midtown M7 Signatutre


-Midtown-The Signature complex, 16th street, Tan Phu Ward, District 7, HCM.

-THE SIGNATURE is located in the area between M6 Symphony and The Peak M 8, the advantage of M7 Located in the heart of the unique Sakura Park Square in Vietnam

– This place owns a beautiful cherry blossom campus, has a cool Ca Cam river

– The highlight of M7 is the most special and unique Sky Bridge here, the infinity pool is a masterpiece of humanity – like a luxury resort in the heart of Phu My Hung

The Signatutre M7 Lobby Area

Basic information about The Signatrure project:

*2 bedroom apartment: 73.00 ~ 78.51 m2 with 367 apartments. The rent is  from 850USD to 1000 USD per month

*3-bedroom apartment: 91.08 ~ 129.13 m2 with 147 apartments.. The rent is From 1500 USD to 2000 USD per month

*Pendhouse with 4 bedroom apartment: 202.95 ~ 259.28 m2. The rent is From 5000 USD to 7000 USD per month ( only 2 penthouse)

Apartment for rent Midtown M7 Signatutre

Outstanding advantages

Image from flycam:

– When viewed from above, we will see an egg-shaped building, It is a utility floor with a classy infinity pool like a five-star hotel, from above looking down there is a picturesque beauty at M7 area. Signature

– The sky bridge is a unique architecture connecting the two points of Block A and Block B, standing on the bridge residents will be able to take selfies with vines and flowers on both sides of the bridge.

– The next highlight is the Leaf-shaped Service Building, also known as the F&B Building at Signature M7, where on weekends residents and friends and family meet for coffee and drinks.

– The endless garden on the top floor is a very unique and unique highlight, this place is also a place for relaxing walks, enjoying nature with your family.

Apartment for rent district 7 The Signatutre M7

High-class facilities

– Utilities such as Apartment for rent Midtown M7 Signatutre are indispensable. The same utility systems from the children’s area, reading room, meeting room, yoga room, gym, steam room

– The park area is spacious and airy, with beautiful plants and flowers, attracting residents to focus on bonding afternoons. Attracting residents to participate in outdoor activities, people and nature to integrate with each other nature. This area every day attracts a lot of residents inside and outside the area to have fun, go for a walk, and attract Zumba and aerobic dance groups to perform.

Apartment The Signatutre M7 – Infinity Pool

One of the differences of The Signature is that residents can use all facilities day and night. Giving residents unlimited access to everything, all in the style of Singapore.

With the criteria of daytime as well as at night, the designers have installed a light system from the street lamp poles, outside the corridors of the buildings, installed the lights on the rows of beautiful cherry blossom trees, placed especially the lighting system under the pool, under the path all areas in Sakura Park

The installation of the lighting system is not only the beauty of the area, but also enhances security and ensures safety for residents living here.

Apartment for rent district 7 The Signatutre M7

Nearby amenities:

– THE SIGNATURE easily connects to cultural and entertainment facilities in the whole area

  • Link international learning system
  • Vietnam’s leading health service
  • Trendy shopping – entertainment center:
  • Restaurant System

– The banking system near the area supports operating customers for binding transaction accounts

Apartment for rent district 7 The Signatutre M7

Professional service

Reception department: 

– always follow up and receive all inquiries from customers.

– Responsible for confirming the actual needs of the Residents and ensuring customer satisfaction.

– To be trained in foreign languages to support foreign residents

– Help residents assist in handling emergency situations

– Assist in checking utility fee if required

Technical Department:

Help support, repair and warranty problems related to the building structure. Quick support for electricity, water and gas related problems

Security department:

Security is assigned to patrol here on a rotation basis, so if you have any questions, or any problems residents can call down to the service department. They will be available as soon as they receive notifications from residents

Some reference pictures for rent Apartment District 7 Midtown M7 Signatutre

Apartment for rent Midtown M7 Signatutre

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