Rent apartment District 7 Garden Court is a civilized and attractive living space compared to other apartments in the area, the environmental landscape factor has attracted many residents from many countries to live and work. Garden court is divided into two areas, Garden Court 1 and Garden Court 2. Located in the Kenh Dao area (inspired by the famous Kenh Dao area of America).

Rent apartment District 7 Garden Court


Ton Dat Tien Street, Phu My Hung Area, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

Located near the beautiful Crescent Lake area, with a deep blue river, with a very large density of green trees. Is one of the areas with the largest park in Phu My Hung area.


The area of the whole area for Garden court 1 and Garden Court 2 is more than 5.5 hectares

Rent apartment District 7 Garden Court

Design company:

KYTA — Singapore designed. Garden Court apartment is located in the middle of Kenh Dao street. With high-end shops on the ground floor and 2nd floor. The apartment complex starts from the 3rd floor. The architectural layout of the building has a community space for residents, but still separate private space for each house. Garden Court residents can enjoy the shopping street along the pedestrian corridor of each building. And enjoy the canal landscaped park along Kenh Dao Street.

The architecture on the ground floor and the second floor is elegantly and commercially designed to serve the urban rhythm of life. The internal road at the rear leads to a courtyard forming a private space, separated from the bustling shopping street in front.

The entire corridor and elevator lobby are arranged inside the landscaped garden. So that the owners passing through the landscaped garden on the way home have a feeling of peace, relaxation and coziness. This design allows the owner to both enjoy the dynamic urban rhythm and enjoy a private and peaceful home.

Area of apartments:

From 103Sqm to 257Sqm. Designed with 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms.

The Kenh Dao Area has its own class value for each project formed, including Panorama, Garden Plaza and Garden court. Planned along the beautiful 40-meter wide Ton Dat Tien Boulevard. As a park with blue water, artistic ornamental trees, and a landscaped lake in the middle of the road.

Rent apartment District 7 Garden Court

Creative architecture:

Modern architecture creates a luxurious, impressive and classy living space

Creative design with ornamental lake is the highlight of the courtyard, connecting the blocks to create open space, cool wind and light.

The gardens right in the heart of the building increase the area of green space. Bringing people close to nature at their fingertips without having to go out of the area. In particular, the luxurious and classy main hall is completely surrounded by tempered glass. From here you can see the aquarium in the building which is very artistic and beautiful.

The corridor leading to the elevator is like a park with trees and water on both sides of the walkway full of cool wind and natural light. Make us feel like we are in a luxury resort

Rent apartment District 7 Garden Court


Garden Court  Phu My Hung apartment inherits all utilities of Kenh Dao area: schools (Dinh Thien Ly, My Phuoc, Saigon South International), supermarket system (An Nam Supermarket, Citimart), chain Convenience stores, services along Nguyen Duc Canh street

Large hospitals such as FV hospital, Tam Duc, and large and small clinics in the region

Rent apartment District 7 Garden Court

Rent apartment District 7 Garden Court -rental fee

Two bedrooms with area 103 Sqm and 109 Sqm Rent from 750 -850 USD/month

Three and four bedrooms area 127 Sqm, 130SQm, 143 SQm, 163 Sqm. Rent from 900 – 1400 USD

The rental price depends on the area of the apartment, the furniture and the location will have different prices. You can contact our specialist for more details

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