Rent Apartment district 7 Star Hill. Star Hill is located in the administrative area of District 7. It is the most prominent place in Phu My Hung area. This is the exclusive economic zone of the area, so there are many office buildings, banks, hotels, next to the international exhibition area.

This area attracts many foreign companies as representative offices. At the same time, this is a great place to live, suitable for the needs of domestic and international businessmen

Apartment for rent district 7 Star Hill


C14B-C15B Nguyen Luong Bang Street, Tan Phu Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

Project scale:

– Total area of Star Hill area is more than 2 hectares

– 14 buildings from 4-18 floors. The blocks are built on different floors to form a lively undulating art block

– Number of apartments: 1,351 apartments and shophouses

– Investor: Phu My Hung Joint Venture Co., Ltd

– This is the International Trade and Finance Zone (Area C) with an area of ​​46 hectares. Attracting many economic groups and businesses to open offices and invest in business like companies. Manulife, Unilever, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Porsche, Thuy Loc, Khaisilk, Petroland, Vinamilk, Fuji Film… and nearly 20 banks opened branches such as Vietcombank, MHB, Agribank, Techcombank, HSBC…

Star Hill building map

Local amenities:

Basic utility area:

-The swimming pool is located between the buildings located on the beautiful ground floor including swimming pools for adults and children

– Gym is located in the same area. There are many modern treadmills and exercise machines with air conditioning all day

Apartment for rent district 7 Star Hill Gym room

– The community room is next door and helps residents have a space for meetings. This is also the place to organize large parties with family.

– The children’s playroom has a large area with tools for the children to unleash their creativity

Park area

Located on the first floor, airy with green trees, lawns, colorful flowers. Arranged with rows of stone benches in the park area, it is an ideal place for walking, exercising or sitting in the fresh air or meeting friends to talk.

Apartment for rent district 7 Star Hill

Food area:

The most prominent feature of the Star Hill area must be the food court of the shophouses on the ground floor of the buildings. This place converges the most famous dishes of the region such as Hanoi fish cake, Pho, dishes from the ancient capital of Hue, famous dishes of the South, Central and North. This is a place that attracts many diners from Vietnam and diners from many countries to enjoy delicious dishes such as France, Korea, and Taiwan.

Representative offices:

As we mentioned, Star Hill Area attracts many representative offices of foreign and domestic companies. Most furniture import companies, design and construction representative offices, financial companies and many other fields

Great combination of residential function with commercial transaction. This is a dreamy living space.

Apartment for rent district 7 Star Hill

Amenities around the area:

Featuring the architectural features of the business district in Hong Kong. This complex includes the financial district, offices, restaurants, high-class hotels, supermarkets, banks.


Near big supermarkets like Big C supermarket, Crescent Mall with quality food and sponsored prices. Korean supermarket K-Mart, and convenience stores large and small

Tan My large market is an ideal shopping place for residents when it is full of essential items at good prices and is the most convenient shopping place.

International School:

The Star Hill area is conveniently located to international schools for everyone. Therefore, this place attracts many residents to live. Must mention is Renaissance International School Saigon

RISS, Vietnamese Australia International School, other international schools such as Canadian International School, schools for Asian children such as Taiwan, Korea, Japan

Apartment for rent district 7 Star Hill


Near District 7 Hospital, French International Hospital, Tam Duc Heart Hospital, Singapore Careplus International Clinic, dental hospitals, large and small clinics around the area. All make it easy for residents to take care of their health

General introduction of apartment

Two bedrooms:

– The area from 87-101 Sqm. Designed 2 bedrooms, 2 toilet. Fully furnished  and unfurnished

– The rent is from 700 USD to 850 USD per month

Three Bedrooms:

– The Area From 97 Sqm to 116 Sqm.  Designed 3 bedrooms, 2 toilet. Fully furnished and unfurnished

– The rent is from 800 USD to 1100 USD per month


– The area from 250Sqm -300 Sqm. Designed 3 -4 bedrooms 3 toilet. Fully furnished  and unfurnished

– The rent is from 1500 USD to 2500 USD per month

Apartment for rent district 7 Star Hill

Fully Furnished

Entering the door is a space for shoe shelves and personal items before entering the house

Living room:  High-class furniture is completed as living room sofa with decorative shelves, creating a warm space, fully equipped, modern and neat.

Furniture in apartments is often designed with beautiful, unique designs, and made of good materials, which is not only convenient to use but also has high aesthetic value, durability, and beauty over many years of use.

Some apartments also have wooden floors to help every space become luxurious. Depending on the owner’s style, everyone has a different design

Spacious kitchen: housewives want their cooking space to be a system of kitchen cabinets. With the upper and lower shelf system to save space, but to keep all the tools neat and tidy, cooking will become easier.

Apartment for rent district 7 Star Hill

Bedroom: designed in a modern style. The design is fully equipped to help people feel comfortable mentally. With large wardrobe, dressing table. Some bedrooms are also equipped with a TV

The modern and energy-saving air conditioning system is also favored by many owners at Star Hill


This type of apartment is just an apartment with basic furniture such as: air conditioning in the living room and bedrooms, curtain system, kitchen cabinet system, wardrobe, full light system.

Usually for families with furniture. Therefore, to meet some of the needs of our customers, we also provide more information about unfurnished apartments.

For rent
District 7

Penthouse for rent Star Hill luxury furniture - S21

$ 2,500/ month

Price: $ 2,500/ month
Bedroom: 4
Size: 330 sqm
For rent
District 7

Modern Star Hill apartment for rent

$ 1,100/ month

Price: $ 1,100/ month
Bedroom: 3
Size: 110 sqm
For rent
District 7

Star Hill apartment 2021 for rent in Phu My Hung

$ 900/ month

Price: $ 900/ month
Bedroom: 3
Size: 87 sqm
For rent
District 7

Rent good apartment in Star Hill Phu My Hung district 7

$ 1,000/ month

Price: $ 1,000/ month
Bedroom: 2
Size: Updating sqm
For rent
District 7

Nice Star Hill apartment For rent District 7 Phu My Hung

$ 800/ month

Price: $ 800/ month
Bedroom: 2
Size: 89 sqm
For rent
District 7

Rent Penthouse Star Hill Apartment

$ 1,500/ month

Price: $ 1,500/ month
Bedroom: 3
Size: Updating sqm