Rent apartment District 7 in Panorama value of location is typical of real estate projects because the class of the project is always associated with location and terrain. The Panorama was built on a triangular piece of land in  Kenh Dao Area Phu My Hung, opposite the green river, next to The Panorama there are 3 large parks, forming a green living space right in the heart of the city.

Rent apartment District 7 in Panorama


– Project name: The Panorama

– Investor: Phu My Hung Joint Venture Co., Ltd

– Address: Ton Dat Tien Street, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, HCMC

Design company: Surv Company of Shanghai and the designer is Architect Thomas Chow (a famous architect at that time). They have relied on the location of the land. And developed a high-class life in The Panorama area of Phu My Hung urban area

Rent apartment District 7 in Panorama


Rent apartment District 7 in Panorama is designed to simulate the famous Kenh Dao area of the US. The Panorama luxury apartment project is adjacent to three sides with beautiful natural scenery.

– To the South, The Panorama is adjacent to the green river, and next to a small island with a series of green trees

– To the northwest, the artificial canal area is winding with picturesque green trees

– North-east direction, approaching the park of nearly 1 hectare, looking at the magnificent Crescent Lake like the beautiful island nation of Singapore with peaceful and serene beauty.

The 24-storey building is titled high into the sky, surrounding a space with many rare utilities

Rent apartment District 7 in Panorama

Design of the apartment

The layout

There are a total of 6 Block. The lowest floor is the 6th floor, the highest is the 24th floor

Number of apartments: 276 apartments

Special thing: 2 apartments per floor, this creates absolute privacy for residents. Because of the open location, each apartment has two views, one is the natural landscape, the other is the urban landscape. Each floor has 2 elevators and 2 stairs

Apartment area: from 122.05m2 to 374.02m2.

Number of bedrooms: designed with 3 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms and 5 bedrooms

Rent: From 1000 USD – 3000 USD per month

Rent apartment District 7 in Panorama

Design of the apartment

The area is large, so the design of the rooms has space for living

Most of the apartments in the Panorama area are paved with imported high-class wooden floors. The large living room is fully furnished such as Sofa, TV, TV shelf, which can also be used for decorations or other personal items. The view from the living room is very clean looking around almost the whole scene at Phu My Hung area

Kitchen area with windows for ventilation and light, shelves designed on both sides, spacious space to help you enjoy cooking

The apartment at Panorama is full of light, and inherits the coolness from the river landscape, so the wind blows all the time. When staying at home during the day, no need to turn on the air conditioner or turn on the lights

Rent apartment District 7 in Panorama

Architectural quality

This is considered as the most special project with fancy cubic architecture. The result of this talented architect’s bold ideas and great choices of materials creates a modern, civilized Panorama.

Therefore, Panorama is an extremely attractive place for domestic and foreign residents to live and work. This is the place to stop for thoughts, about the ideal place to live

Both the inside and outside of the blocks use special bricks that turn Panorama into a unique work of art in this Phu My Hung area.

Rent apartment District 7 in Panorama

Regional Utilities

What is worth mentioning about this Panorama area is the full utility area, converging all that serves the needs of residents. It can be said that The Panorama is a complex that creates the luxury and class that Phu My Hung brings

Utilities inside

The inside is 1.6ha wide for community facilities such as: internal roads, parks, flower gardens, walking paths, swimming pools, tennis courts, clubhouses… the construction land area only accounts for 30% of the total area

Tennis course

Currently, there are only two luxury apartments with tennis courts in the area Riverside Residence and Panorama

Tennis court is located in the middle of the buildings, Tennis is a very popular sport for many families for residents to exercise and maintain health. Especially, the quality of tennis courts meets international standards

The pool

The large, clean and beautiful swimming pool includes an adult pool and a children’s pool located close to the Tennis court, creating a synchronism of utilities. The swimming pool is disinfected daily to ensure cleanliness. And ensure the safety of residents

Rent apartment District 7 in Panorama

Gym room

Fully equipped with modern machines, the gym is also equipped with free drinking water and air conditioning.

In addition, Panorama Area also has facilities such as playground for children, classrooms, community room, BBQ area.

External utilities

The Panorama is a high-class apartment complex will set a new standard of living in Phu My Hung area. Because of the harmonious combination between the beautiful location and the architecture of Kenh Dao Area. The location of Kenh Dao area is a place with the harmony of nature, flowers, the combination of water surface, sky, the meeting of sun and wind and the harmony of natural sounds like creating a beautiful picture

Available Utilities  

Exterior amenities include such as schools where residents can walk a few steps. Hospitals, Restaurants, Hotels

This place is also a place where many tourists come to admire the beauty of this place. We can easily see that many people gather here on the weekend to have fun and eating.

Saigon South Marian Club Marina

Located in the heart of the bustling Phu My Hung Urban Area – Saigon South Marian Club Marina is one of the most luxurious entertainment complexes in Saigon. This place is a symbol for a new, enthusiastic lifestyle, an integrated entertainment destination: Art, Entertainment, Marina, Restaurant, Event.

With a diverse and colorful entertainment model, this place will be a destination not only for the elite but also a place to bring the most exciting experiences for families, businesses, and event organizers or activities.

Reference photos – Rent apartment District 7 in Panorama

It’s important to know the look of your apartment if you decide to rent apartment District 7 The Peak. That’s why we will provide some pictures of rental apartments in the building. Take a look at your option.

Rent apartment District 7 in Panorama

Rent apartment District 7 in Panorama

For rent
District 7

Panorama for rent in district 7 Phu My Hung- P2001

$ 1,500/ month

Price: $ 1,500/ month
Bedroom: 3
Size: 145 sqm
For rent
District 7

Beautiful Panorama apartment for rent Phu My Hung

$ 1,150/ month

Price: $ 1,150/ month
Bedroom: 3
Size: 121 sqm