2 bedroom apartment in district 7

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Not far from the city center, District 7 is one of the fastest growing districts in HCMC. This is why it is a top choice for many residents of all levels, and 2 bedroom apartment in district 7 is also an optimal choice for residents here, including foreigners living and working here. long term work in the city.


Why do customers consider a 2 bedroom apartment in district 7 to be the best choice?

– Having a convenient transportation system with a clear strategic orientation.

– Many facilities such as administrative offices, financial institutions, hospitals, supermarkets, schools, parks, amusement parks

– Utilities are located close to buildings and apartments. Helping to fully meet the needs of entertainment, shopping, learning.

– Security is ranked in the top of the City with more than 4000 Cameras and more than 1000 Rotating Security

2 bedroom apartment in district 7

2 bedroom apartment in district 7 to be the best choice

With the economic crisis, people now tend to narrow the area, not needing houses or apartments that are too big. Currently, most people are looking for 2 bedroom apartments in district 7.


In District 7, although it’s a 2- bedroom apartment, the area is not too small, plus smart designs to optimize the use and ensure the main aesthetic of the apartment.


Some areas with 2 bedroom apartment in district 7, namely Phu My Hung, the safest urban area in the city.

2 bedroom apartment for 400 USD – 700 USD/month

Sky Garden –  Sky Garden is one of the first apartment projects in Phu My Hung, which is highly appreciated in many different ways. Not only possessing a beautiful location, but sky garden is also creative when combining natural elements in a subtle and impressive way. Named after the three areas Sky Sky Garden 1, Sky Garden2. Sky Garden 3

– 1 bedrooms (56 sqm) rent 400 USD/month

– 2 bedrooms (56-72sqm) rent 450 -500 USD/month

– 3 bedrooms (83 -94sqm) rent 600-700 USD/month

– 4 bedrooms Penthouse (170-250sqm) rent 1400 – 1700 USD/month

2 bedroom apartment in district 7

2 bedroom apartment in Sky Garden

Utilities of sky garden

Next to Vivo City Shopping Center, located in the center of Phu My Hung, which is known as “Korean Town” with many banks, restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets, schools,….

Sky Garden is extremely impressive when arranging buildings harmoniously on a large area. Specifically, the blocks are divided into 2. Opposite each other. Buildings A and B are on one side. Buildings C and D are on one side.

Not only has a unique general floor plan, the investor also designed the premises of the apartments beautifully, luxuriously, with high aesthetics. On the second floor is a place to grow a lot of beautiful ornamental plants. Residents can enjoy the view, go for a walk, or organize a picnic right on the premises.

2 bedroom apartment for 700 – 850 USD/month

Green Valley

Green Valley is located in the heart of  Phu My Hung urban area, next to Saigon South golf course. From Green Valley, you can walk to Crescent Mall and Phu My Hung International Financial and Commercial Area,  you can walk to Crescent Lake and Starlight Bridge.

2 bedroom apartment in district 7

Green Valley location

Around Green Valley, there are many other utilities that support people’s daily life, entertainment and health care (FV hospital, Tam Tri Hospital, District 7 Hospital)

There are 4 Blocks A, B, C, D with low population density, so this is the choice of many customers who want to choose 2 bedroom apartment in district 7.

– 2 bedrooms (90sqm) rent 850-1000 USD/month

– 3 bedrooms (112 -130sqm) rent 1200-1500 USD/month

– 3 bedrooms Top-house (250sqm) rent 2000 – 2500 USD/month

Each apartment has 2 parking spaces for motorbikes and 1 parking space for cars.

Scenic Valley 1 and  Scenic Valley 2


Located at Nguyen Van Linh Street, Tan Phu Ward, District 7, City. In Ho Chi Minh City, Scenic Valley 1 and  Scenic Valley 2 have an extremely convenient location for transportation and moving to surrounding areas and the city center.

– Next to landscaped river, sports complex

– Within walking distance to Crescent Mall, Crescent Lake, International Trade and Finance area

– Hospitals, schools, restaurants, banks, entertainment… within a radius of 1km

– 10 minutes drive from the city center

2 bedroom apartment in district 7

Scenic Valley building

Scenic Valley in addition to the internal service facilities of the neighborhood, residents can also experience the utility services of the whole city including the quality international education system, amusement park, entertainment area, financial district, etc. Phu My Hung’s International Commercial and Financial Area, Beauty and health care centers…

The harmonious combination between natural advantages and Vietnamese cultural traditions. Singapore architecture gives residents a convenient landscape living space in the heart of a modern urban area.

– 2 bedrooms (71-77sqm-83sqm) rent 700-800 USD/month

– 3 bedrooms (94 -101-130sqm) rent 1100-1700 USD/month

Hung Phuc – Happy Residence and Hung Phuc Premier – Happy Residence Premier

From the window of Hung Phuc’s apartments facing the Northeast, View of the green trees of Nam Vien area, the rows of green and straight trees, the shady tree-lined streets. The apartments in the southwest are overlooking the impressive scenery of the high-class Chateau and My Phu villas, synchronous and luxurious semi-classical architecture. And the Ca Cam River is far away. The apartment receives direct wind from nature from the river blowing in

– 2 bedrooms (78-sm-83sqm) rent 700-850 USD/month

– 3 bedrooms (94 -100 qm) rent 1000-1200 USD/month

– Penthouse 170 sqm rent from 3000 USD – 4000 USD

2 bedroom apartment in district 7

View of the green trees of Nam Vien area


Gym and yoga room with full modern equipment for residents to use throughout and protect the health of residents. The open space of the utility area makes this area a place to relieve stress after and re-energize after a busy day.

In addition to this rental price, we also have other areas such as Riverside REsidence, Canh Vien, Happy Valley, Urban Hill, Ascentia, Antonia.


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