Beautiful view at Happy Valley

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Happy Valley is a luxury apartment project located right in the heart of Phu My Hung area. The apartments here possess modern design, beautiful landscape and many luxurious and classy facilities. Let’s explore the beautiful view at Happy Valley apartment with us.

Beautiful view at Happy Valley

Beautiful view at Happy Valley

A brief overview of the Happy Valley apartment project

Happy Valley is an apartment project located in the center of Phu My Hung area, right on Nguyen Van Linh street with an extremely convenient transportation system. This roadway spans 6 large lanes, so you don’t have to worry about traffic jams when traveling. Here residents move easily and quickly to places in District 1, District 3, District 4, District 8, and Nha Be…

Not only owning a prime location, Happy Valley apartments are also fully equipped with internal facilities, such as golf course, park, amusement park, shopping mall, food court, dormitory area. Free education for residents with a variety of modern machines… The project’s space is designed in an open direction, with elements in harmony with nature to bring about an environmentally friendly life.

Beautiful view at Happy Valley

 Happy Valley apartment project possesses many outstanding advantages

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Beautiful view at Happy Valley apartment

Happy Valley apartment is the desire of many people because of its convenience and modernity. Not only that, the landscape here is also very impressive and unique. Here are some typical beautiful landscapes that residents of Happy Valley enjoy.

View of the largest and only Saigon South Golf Course in District 7

Among the beautiful views in Happy Valley apartments, first of all, the view of Saigon South Golf Course is the largest and only district 7. This golf course is also known by another name, Phu My Hung golf practice course, is a floating golf course. most famous in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. The golf course covers an area of more than 3 thousand hectares and possesses an extremely convenient ecosystem, bringing a very separate level.

Choosing Happy Valley apartment, you can enjoy the beautiful golf course view. Besides, you can also participate in playing golf at this famous training ground to exercise and strengthen relationships.

Beautiful view at Happy Valley

 Happy Valley apartment owns the largest and only South Saigon Golf Course View in District 7

View of the small river between Scenic Valley and Happy Valley

View of the small river between Scenic Valley and Happy Valley is also a very poetic and romantic landscape that Happy Valley residents enjoy. In the life in the heart of the city full of excitement and bustle, residents are immersed in nature, watching the peaceful beauty of the river. Those are wonderful moments of relaxation that help spiritual life become richer and more meaningful.

Beautiful view at Happy Valley

Beautiful view at Happy Valley apartment with a very poetic small river

View of the beautiful Saigon Wonderland Park

Happy Valley apartment also owns an ideal green living space with a system of parks, flower gardens, trees, walking paths… It has a beautiful view of Saigon Wonderland Park. It can be seen that the living space and landscape at Happy Valley apartment is really unique and attractive. Residents here experience a modern life combined with poetic and fresh natural elements.

Outstanding facilities of Happy Valley apartment

Not only owning a beautiful view, Happy Valley apartments also bring a luxurious, modern and comfortable life with a synchronous utility system. Full facilities include both internal and external facilities

Local amenities

The internal utilities of the Happy Valley apartment project are fully designed with the most modern and luxurious. The internal facilities ensure to meet all the needs of residents living here. Among them are some typical facilities such as: Green park, restaurant chain, shopping mall, entertainment area, parking lot, gym, fitness area of residents…

Out-of-town facilities

In addition to the high-class internal utility system, Happy Valley apartments also own a lot of ideal external facilities. The apartment project is located right at the fairy park, landscaped river so that residents can enjoy the green and poetic space. The project is also close to Star Youth Kindergarten, Crescent Mall, international exhibition center and many famous offices in District 7… All bring a full and comfortable life to residents. .

Thus, it can be seen that Happy Valley apartments possess many beautiful, unique and impressive views. Not only that, with a prime location, residents have a convenient life, easy access to many amenities. Choosing Happy Valley apartments to stay or invest are very suitable. For more information, please contact Best House Service Co., Ltd. You can call Hotline 0909 197 412 or 0911 74 5505 for enthusiastic advice and support.


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