Happy Residence Premier luxury apartment

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Happy Residence Premier luxury apartment is a symbol of sophistication and class in the city center, where modern life and amenities that meet all high standards of urban life are waiting for you. With a prime location and unique design, Happy Residence Premier is not just a place to stay, but also an authentic living experience.

Introducing the Happy Residence Premier luxury apartment project

The Happy Residence Premier luxury apartment project is an apartment building in the city center, built with the goal of giving residents a luxurious and comfortable life. This project stands out with many impressive features:

Unique design: The project is built with modern and unique architecture, bringing luxury and unique style. The apartments are designed to be airy, taking advantage of natural light and creating a comfortable living space.

High-class furniture: Apartments at Happy Residence Premier are equipped with high-class furniture, from the living room to the bedroom and kitchen. This ensures residents have a classy and comfortable living experience.

Happy Residence Premier luxury apartment

Diverse amenities: The project provides many internal amenities such as swimming pool, gym, children’s play area, green terrace and public garden. These amenities help create an inclusive and enjoyable residential community.

Location and Connection

The Happy Residence Premier luxury apartment project has a unique and convenient location in the city center, helping residents easily connect to important points in the area. Below is some information about the project’s location and connections:

Happy Residence Premier’s prime location in the city

The project is located within a short radius to commercial centers, shopping areas, restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues. Residents can easily experience urban life, shop and enjoy cuisine right in the area.

Traffic facilities

Happy Residence Premier has outstanding transportation advantages with easy access to major roads and public transportation. Residents can conveniently travel to work, school and hospital.

Good regional connection

The project provides good connections with neighboring areas and main roads, helping residents reach other districts in the city easily. This makes moving and working in the city more convenient.

Design and Architecture

The design style of the apartment at Happy Residence Premier is a combination of uniqueness, space optimization and taking advantage of natural light to create a classy and comfortable living environment. Below are some highlights of the apartment’s design style:

Optimum use of space

The apartments at Happy Residence Premier are designed to utilize every square meter of space. Rooms are well arranged to create a spacious and comfortable feeling. Storage areas are intelligently integrated to minimize clutter and create tidiness.

Natural light

The apartment design creates favorable conditions for natural light to penetrate deep inside. Spacious windows and balconies improve natural lighting and create a bright and comfortable living environment.

Sophisticated color combination

The color style in the apartment is often a delicate combination of neutral colors such as white, gray and brown, creating a warm and luxurious feeling.

Amenities and common spaces

Happy Residence Premier building offers many amenities and common spaces such as swimming pool, gym, children’s play area, green terrace and public garden. These spaces are designed to meet the entertainment, relaxation and meeting needs of residents, creating an integrated and exciting living community.

Facilities and Services: Happy Residence Premier not only creates a classy living space inside the apartment but also provides a variety of amenities and services to meet the needs and create comfort for residents. Below are some main amenities and services at this project:

Swimming pool: A large and modern swimming pool, often designed with an advanced water treatment system. This is a great place to relax, exercise and enjoy the outdoors.

Gym: Fully equipped with exercise machines and sports equipment, the gym at Happy Residence Premier helps residents maintain their health and fitness.

Children’s play area: There is a safe and dedicated playground for children, helping families with young children feel secure in playing and educating their children.

Green terrace: The green terrace area is an ideal place to relax with trees, gardens, and outdoor sitting spaces, creating a relaxing and enjoyable environment.

Investment Potential

The investment potential in the Happy Residence Premier luxury apartment project is an attractive opportunity for investors. This project brings with it a series of positive factors and benefits for those interested in real estate and investment:

Development of the real estate market

Real estate markets can grow in a variety of ways, including population growth, economic development, infrastructure improvements, and other factors. When the real estate market develops, real estate values often increase, creating attractive investment opportunities.

Generate profits

Investing in luxury apartments has the potential to generate attractive returns, especially if you buy at a time when market values are increasing.

Potential to increase value

Luxury apartments often have the potential to increase in value compared to other types of real estate. Prime location, modern design and unique amenities can increase the value of the apartment over time.

Income from rental

If you don’t live in a luxury apartment, you can rent it out, especially if the project is conveniently located and there is demand from tenants. This can create a stable source of income and help offset some investment costs.


The luxury apartment “Happy Residence Premier” not only represents a place to live, but also a symbol of prosperity, comfort and class. For those who are looking for a perfect living environment, this project promises to bring unforgettable experiences and true value to their lives.

Are there many foreigners living in Phu My Hung?

With more than 50% of the population being foreigners, the majority coming from Asian countries, Phu My Hung urban area (District 7, Ho Chi Minh City) is also known as the “Asian neighborhood”. ” on the south bank of Saigon.

Classy urban area

From the “backbone” avenue of Nguyen Van Linh, there are more than 10 lanes of 120m wide, every lane is shaded by green trees, and the large park in the middle is said to be built with a tram line throughout.

Turning into the “herringbone” streets inside, rows of adjacent townhouses and villas follow in a neat, orderly fashion on clean, tree-lined streets.

Interspersed are clusters of buildings with modern, luxurious designs along parks, lakes, and canal banks, creating eye-catching urban highlights.

On the sidewalks along the road, along the park or along the river, many foreigners hold hands walking, walking dogs, hugging cats or sitting on benches to enjoy the wind and enjoy the scenery…

Invested in construction since the mid-1990s, up to now Phu My Hung urban area is gradually being completed with five functional areas with full amenities of a modern miniature city.

Of these, the largest is the central area including many residential areas, commercial and financial areas, nursing areas and cultural and entertainment areas. Next is the “University Village”, administrative offices, parks…

The most impressive thing is the high-end housing area, townhouses, villas and apartment buildings, where the “middle income and above” people live not only in Ho Chi Minh City but also in the whole country; At the same time, it is a place where multi-national citizens live.

Walking around Phu My Hung, one can easily recognize class distinctions between subdivisions based on street characteristics, architecture, tree density, water surface…

While the Hill View area, Crescent Lake area or International Finance area have monthly rent of 1,000 USD or more. The highest level is still the Nam Vien area, the rent can be up to more than 2,500 USD/apartment”…

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