How much is Phu My Hung townhouse for rent?

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Currently, the function of townhouses is not only for living but also for business. And the areas chosen by many investors are Phu My Hung Townhouses in District 7, So the answer for investors about How much is Phu My Hung townhouse for rent will be answered shortly.

Why is Phu My Hung the best choice for investors?

Modern facilities with Korean cultural space

In Phu My Hung urban area, District 7 on the roads around this area, visitors feel like they are living in Seoul, Korea. BBQ restaurants, supermarkets, cafes, beauty salons with colorful Korean signs hanging in front of the street. People dressed neatly and cleanly happily conversed in Korean. In the urban area, Korean – Vietnamese international schools are taught in 3 languages English – Vietnamese – Korean. With such a modern educational environment, although living in Vietnam, Korean students can still regularly study their home culture to avoid losing a national culture.

Utilities are available and are active

– Restaurants from all over the world such as Japan, the US, Korea, Chinese restaurants with diverse cuisines, delicious food and food safety, large and small restaurants. Regarding culinary culture, not only in Phu My Hung urban area but scattered throughout Vietnam, Korean restaurants are everywhere. In that season, Korean cuisine in Phu My Hung urban area is diverse with products such as grilled meat, kimchi soup, ginseng chicken.

– A variety of shopping stores from affordable to high-end brands, From clothes, food to consumer goods

– Schools: It can be said that this place is the place with the most schools around the area. At Phu My Hung Center, there are Saigon South International School (SSIS), Dinh Thien Ly, kindergartens, schools for Vietnamese students from primary to high school such as Saigon South School, Le Van Tam School, Vo Thi Sau

– There are three biggest Trade Centers in this Phu My Hung Area, District 7 which are Crescent Mall, Shoping Center VIVo CIty

– Hospitals are only a few hundred meters away from residents such as Phap Viet International Hospital, Tam Duc Hospital, District 7 Hospital. In addition, large and small international clinics with modern equipment are also an advantage worth mentioning.

– Traffic here is convenient to neighboring districts. And Phu My Hung District 7 never has traffic jams due to widening roads and investment in quality and regular maintenance.

Cultural life – rich spirit

The majority here are Koreans who follow Protestantism, Christianity and Buddhism. Like Vietnamese believers, on weekends, Korean religious members often go to church. Meanwhile, in Phu My Hung area, not only invest in modern material life but also invest in spiritual life. Specifically, around the urban area as well as District 7 there are many large churches and religious branches such as: Vietnam Evangelical Church – Phu My Hung branch, Vuon Mango church…. After a week of work When the Korean community is tired, the Korean community goes to Mass to pray as well as gather the countrymen to help comfort some of the nostalgia for their homeland.

How much is Phu My Hung townhouse for rent?

How much is Phu My Hung townhouse for rent?

It is the diversity of material and spiritual life that more and more Koreans are coming to Vietnam to do business, get married, build a new life, but the biggest focus is still on Phu My Hung urban area. , District 7.

Answer questions about  How much is Phu My Hung townhouse for rent?

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Hung Gia – Hung Phuoc townhouse

This area was known to many people 10 years ago as the City of Korea, because this area has more than 80% of customers living and working with Korean nationality.

How much is Phu My Hung townhouse for rent?

This area has more than 80% of customers living and working with Korean nationality

–  Area: 7*19sqm or 10*20 sqm Designed as a ground floor, a mezzanine of 2 floors and an attic floor

–  Furniture: If customers use to stay, they will have full high-class furniture, In case of business guests, the owner will rent out the empty house.

–  Elevator: Depending on the needs of investors, they find for themselves apartments with or without elevators, but about the price of renting a house on Phu My Hung Street, how much can be consulted?

Rental price without machine month: from 1700 usd -2500 USD/month

Rental price with machine month: From 3000 – 5000 USD/month

Nam Thien 1, 2, 3

This is the area located on the road of the large Ha Huy Tap street, Nam Thien area has 3 adjacent areas numbered as Nam Thien 1, Nam Thien 2, Nam Thien 3, where can live and do business. The population here is also crowded. Area: 7 * 20, 10 * 23 are also designed into three floors

Rent: Ranges from 2000-3500 USD/month. There are single apartments, the price ranges from 4500-7000 USD/month

How much is Phu My Hung townhouse for rent?

Nam Thien

My Hao Townhouse

– My Hao Town House is also located on this Ha Huy Tap Street.

-Area: 7*20

– Rent from 2500 USD-5000 USD/month

My Toan 1, 2, 3

My Toan area is also divided into three areas My Toan 1, My Toan 2 and My Toan 3 located at Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard. This place is mostly used as representative offices of real estate companies, banks, or English, Korean, and Chinese English centers, Vietnamese classes for foreigners.

How much is Phu My Hung townhouse for rent?

My Toan is mostly used as representative offices of real estate companies, banks, or English, Korean…

My Canh Townhouse Area, My Hung

This is also the area that businesses often rent to make offices

Area: 7*19

Rental price ranges from 1500 – 2500 USD


The concept of a living space with full functions such as residence, culture, education, finance, economy, commerce, entertainment… started to be known by many people mainly from the formation and development. of Phu My Hung urban area, an urban area scientifically and methodically planned according to international standards

Phu My Hung focuses on improving the quality of life of residents with housing products that are upgraded in quality and utility through each project. The operation and management are also paid special attention by the investor of Phu My Hung urban area. Nearly 1,000 employees for security work, hundreds of employees for cleaning work, hundreds of employees for tree work, and hundreds of maintenance and neighborhood managers work in Phu My Hung. every day, has contributed to a safe, clean and beautiful Phu My Hung urban area.

In addition to the above areas, there are other townhouses here. If you have needs, please contact us to be sent the latest information and we will provide


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