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Located in the modern and luxurious urban area of Phu My Hung, Luxury Apartment at The HORIZON Phu My Hung are attracting the attention of those looking for a classy life and outstanding amenities. With rapid construction progress and unique design, this project has become a highlight in the list of high-end real estate projects in Ho Chi Minh City.

The importance of choosing a luxury apartment in modern life

In modern life, choosing a luxury apartment is not simply a real estate purchasing decision but also plays an important decisive role in quality of life and personal advancement. Here are the importance of choosing a luxury apartment in today’s world

High-class amenities and services

Luxury apartments are often equipped with high-class amenities and services such as swimming pools, gyms, children’s play areas, green gardens and 24/7 security. These amenities create a comfortable and convenient living environment for residents, helping them save time and improve the quality of daily life.

Luxury apartment at the horizon phu my hung

Good located

Choosing a luxury apartment with a convenient location increases the comfort and value of the property. High-end apartment projects are often built in central locations, near shopping centers, schools, hospitals and other service points. Easy access to these amenities reduces travel time and facilitates daily life.

The location of The Horizon Phu My Hung apartment is a golden location in District 7, when 3 sides border the river and Crescent Lake, you can see the walking path in this area every day or this is where events often take place. The big festival attracts thousands of tourists

Starlight Bridge is beautiful at night, stepping on the bridge we have an experience like standing on thousands of sparkling stars. And looking down from The Horizon Phu My Hung, a picture appears with rivers, trees, and the beautiful Crescent Mall.

Absolute security

Security is always an important factor when choosing to buy an apartment. High-end apartment projects often have tight security systems, 24/7 security, and surveillance cameras, helping residents feel secure about the safety of their families and assets.

Investment value and long-term assets

Luxury apartments often have the ability to increase in value over time, making them an attractive form of property investment. In the context of a constantly developing real estate market, owning a luxury apartment can bring high profits to buyers, along with happiness and comfort in daily life.

Prime location

Located in the central area of Phu My Hung, the project has a great combination of urban amenities and green living environment. The project takes advantage of its location next to the Saigon River, creating a quiet space and a unique view of the river, bringing a feeling of closeness to nature that few projects have.

Diverse amenities and quality services: Location near the center allows residents to easily access commercial centers such as Cresent Mall with restaurants, cafes, international schools, domestic and international hospitals. International and medical facilities, creating favorable conditions for daily life. Everything you need is at your fingertips, saving time and improving your quality of life.

Convenient transportation: The location of the luxury apartment at The HORIZON Phu My Hung is also easily connected to main roads and other areas of Ho Chi Minh City. Living near the center helps minimize travel time, which is very important in a busy modern life.

Green living space: Although located in the center of Phu My Hung, luxury apartments at The HORIZON Phu My Hung still take advantage of the green environment from the Saigon River. Residents here have the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful and comfortable space, away from noise and dust. There is only the green of the trees and the green of the river.

Unique design

The unique design of the luxury apartment at The HORIZON Phu My Hung is truly a special and classy feature of this project. Created by leading architects and interior designers, the apartments here combine sophistication and creativity, bringing a unique and exciting living experience to residents.

High-class and sophisticated interior: Luxury apartments at The HORIZON Phu My Hung are equipped with high-class furniture with sophistication in every detail. From the windows to the floors and ceilings, everything is carefully selected to create a luxurious and classy living space. The kitchen and bathroom units are equipped with modern equipment and amenities, bringing convenience and comfort to residents.

Open space and natural light: The design of luxury apartments at The HORIZON Phu My Hung creates open and comfortable spaces with creativity in the use of natural light. Large windows and spacious balconies allow natural light to penetrate each room, creating a feeling of airiness and closeness to nature. This not only creates a good living environment for residents but also honors the beauty of architecture.

Unique and comfortable views: The Horizon Phu My Hung’s location offers unique views of the Saigon River and surrounding area. The apartments are designed so that residents can enjoy this view at all times. Spacious balconies and windows are designed to create the best conditions for relaxing and enjoying the green scenery.

Diverse amenities

The luxury apartment project at The Horizon Phu My Hung is proud of the diversity and class of amenities it brings to residents. Here, life is not just about living but also about experiencing class and convenience

Infinity swimming pool

The project is equipped with an infinity pool on the high floor, giving residents a wonderful experience with immense views of the Saigon River and the city. This is the ideal place to relax after a stressful day of work.


Modern gym with top equipment will awaken your energy and health. Finally, you can maintain the healthy and athletic lifestyle you desire.

Playground for children

The project also takes care of children’s play and development with diverse and safe playgrounds. This allows parents to rest assured and let their children participate in outdoor activities.

BBQ area

On weekends or during family and friend gatherings, the outdoor BBQ area is the ideal place to hold fun parties and relax together. You can grill meat and cook delicious dishes in a comfortable and airy space.


Luxury apartments at The HORIZON Phu My Hung are a great choice for those looking for luxury apartments in the Phu My Hung area. With a prime location, unique design, diverse amenities, and great investment potential, this project meets all the requirements of modern life and is a place to show off your class and sophistication. Buy yourself a luxury apartment at The HORIZON Phu My Hung and experience the ultimate life today.

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