Penthouse for rent in District 7

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Considered as a model of the “dream” house of many people, penthouse apartments are increasingly attracting the attention of the elite. With unique design, large space and beautiful view, penthouse apartment is a symbol of luxury and lavish living. In particular, Penthouse for rent in District 7 not only brings modern amenities but also is the center of many surrounding utilities.

Located on the top floor, Penthouse is a great place for homeowners to see the whole beautiful, magnificent city, away from all the noise and dust.

Why is it called Penthouse?

Penthouses are apartments on high floors of buildings, often with large space, beautiful views and many modern amenities. The highlight of the penthouse is the luxurious, quiet space, close to the city center and with its own swimming pool and garden.

Penthouse for rent in District 7

Penthouse is known as a type of high-class apartment that is loved by many peop

With luxurious design, spacious space and beautiful view, Penthouse is a great place to enjoy a classy life. Therefore, more and more people are interested and choose this type of luxury apartment.

Penthouse apartments are usually for people with the upper class, have finances and want to enjoy a luxurious life. Because the Penthouse is not many, to buy this apartment, the owner must be willing to pay an expensive price. However, Penthouse is also an apartment in a high-rise building and the price is also according to the economic ability of the buyer.

Typical penthouses for rent in District 7

Some penthouses for rent in District 7 are being chosen by many people and are always unavailable. Let’s find out.

Penthouse Happy Valley

Happy Valley is an apartment located in Happy Valley urban area, within the campus of the Happy Valley luxury apartment project. With unique design and architecture, the penthouse apartment in Happy Valley offers a lavish and luxurious living space for residents.

Penthouse Star Hill

Penthouse Star Hill is a luxury apartment located in Star Hill urban area, one of the most prime and luxurious areas in Ho Chi Minh City. With a prime location in the heart of District 7, Penthouse Star Hill promises to bring residents a top-notch living space with top-notch amenities and services.

Penthouse Midtown

Penthouse Midtown is a high-class apartment complex located in the city center, considered as a new symbol of high-class life. With modern and luxurious architecture, it attracts people who love comfort and sophisticated living space.

Midtown – Sakura Park Complex has 4 areas Midtown M5 The Grande, Midtown M6 The Symphony, Midtown Signature M7. But Penthouse apartments are only available in two areas Midtown M6-The Symphony, M8- The Peak

Penthouse Nam Phúc (Le Jardin):

Penthouse Nam Phuc is considered a symbol of luxury and class, promising to bring a life of perfect enjoyment to those who have the opportunity to own it. This penthouse is located on the top floor of the building, giving residents a panoramic view of the city from above.

Penthouse for rent in District 7

Penthouse Nam Phuc

At Nam Phuc Building, there are only 4 Penthouses and this place has never been hot, although the rental and sale prices are a bit high, to rent and buy an apartment here must rely on the luck of the customer.

Penthouse Canh Viên 1. 2. 3

Penthouse Canh Vien is located in a prime location of Saigon South, offering residents the most upmarket and luxurious life. With a large area and modern design, sophisticated and classy style, Canh Vien Penthouse becomes the ideal destination for those who are looking for a peaceful living space.

Canh Vien 2 and Canh Vien 3 have two beautiful and quiet views, completely separate from the busyness of the City, Front view beautiful Nam Vien park, back side View million dollar villas in Phu My Hung with synchronous architecture

Rental fee of Penthouse for rent in District 7

The price of renting a penthouse in District 7 often fluctuates depending on many factors such as area, location, utility and luxury of the apartment. According to information from real estate brokers, the price of penthouses for rent in District 7 usually ranges from about VND 80 million to VND 300 million per month. However, rental rates can vary depending on many factors.

Penthouse for rent in District 7

Price of penthouse apartment for rent in district 7

If you want to find out more information, pictures as well as detailed prices, please contact us for advice, all services are completely free.

Benefits of choosing Penthouse for rent in District 7

A penthouse is a type of high-class apartment, usually located on the top floor of a building, with luxurious space and facilities. When renting a penthouse apartment in District 7, you will enjoy many benefits that nowhere else can bring.

Penthouse for rent in District 7

Experience a luxurious and comfortable life with a penthouse apartment in District 7

  • The first benefit of renting a penthouse is the spacious and airy living space. Penthouses usually have a large area, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable living space, freely rearrange the interior space as you like, and create a classy living environment.
  • The next benefit is convenience and modern equipment. District 7 penthouses are often fully equipped with high-class equipment such as ventilation systems, air conditioning systems, sound systems, smart lighting systems, washing machines, dryers, and many other amenities.
  • Not only that, renting a penthouse apartment in District 7 also brings the benefit of a prime location. District 7 is a thriving area with many amenities around such as shopping centers, schools, hospitals, shops and restaurants.
  • Finally, the benefit of renting a penthouse in District 7 is privacy and quiet. With separate living space and smart space layout, you can live a private life and enjoy a quiet space without being affected by the noise of the city.

Penthouse for rent in District 7 is a perfect choice for those who want a luxurious and classy life. With large space, stunning view, class facilities and convenient location, penthouse apartment in District 7 will give residents a memorable and investment-worthy living experience.

Penthouse for rent in District 7

Penthouse for rent in District 7 is a perfect choice for those who want a luxurious and classy life

Basic standards of a penthouse

  • Facilities:  Most of the penthouses are located in the city’s buildings and buildings, which all have prime locations in busy urban centers and cities.
  • Fresh living space:  Penthouses are rated as having the perfect living space that anyone wants to own because they are airy and comfortable, bringing a sense of peace outdoors – not suffocating the apartment. Normal.
  • Ideal view:  Located on the top floor of buildings, Penthouse has a view from above, allowing owners to admire the whole city.
  • Show class:  This luxury apartment always helps owners affirm their class and luxury.
  • Perfect furniture: Inside expensive apartments like this, the furniture is certainly not cheap.
  • Security:  In such an extremely luxurious apartment for the rich, security must also be strictly guaranteed.


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