Saigon South Residence apartment of Phu My Hung

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If you are looking for an ideal place to settle in Ho Chi Minh City, nothing can compare to Phu My Hung’s Saigon South Residence apartment. Built with dedication and detail, this project not only provides a comfortable living environment but is also a beautiful architectural masterpiece. Join us to explore some notable points about Saigon South Residence apartment of Phu My Hung and why it is attracting the attention of many people.

Overview of Saigon South Residence apartment of Phu My Hung

Phu My Hung’s Saigon South Residence apartment is an architectural wonder located in the bustling area of Ho Chi Minh City. Considered a symbol of modern prosperity and convenience, Saigon South Residence not only provides a luxurious residence but is also synonymous with the expensive life that everyone dreams of.

Ideal location

Phu My Hung’s Saigon South Residence apartment is nestled in the rapidly developing area of Phu My Hung, in District 7 of Ho Chi Minh City, and that is one of the most notable advantages of this project. This location is truly ideal with many notable points.

Surrounding amenities: Saigon South Residence is located just a few steps from Phu My Hung center, helping residents easily access the area’s top amenities. Shopping malls such as Crescent Mall and SC VivoCity, along with a variety of restaurants, cafes, and convenience stores, are within a short radius. This creates favorable conditions for shopping, entertainment and enjoying cuisine right at the apartment’s doorstep.

Schools and hospitals: This location is also convenient for studying and healthcare. Saigon South Residence is within walking distance from famous international schools such as SSIS (Saigon South International School) and Canada International School. This is especially suitable for families with children. Furthermore, high-quality hospitals and clinics such as FV Hospital are also within easy reach.

Convenient transportation: The location of Phu My Hung’s Saigon South Residence apartment creates favorable conditions for moving within and outside the area. The project is located near main roads such as Nguyen Van Linh Avenue, Nguyen Huu Tho Street, and Nguyen Luong Bang Street. This helps residents easily move to the city center and neighboring districts without spending too much time. Furthermore, inter-provincial and national transport connectivity through expressways is also a huge benefit for those who need to travel to neighboring provinces.

Design and Utilities

The design of Phu My Hung’s Saigon South Residence apartment is a work of art combining modern architecture and space optimization. This project offers a variety of apartment types to meet the diverse needs and preferences of residents.

Type of apartment

Phu My Hung’s Saigon South Residence apartments are diverse in types, from studio apartments for singles or couples, to 2, 3 bedroom apartments and even luxury duplex apartments. Each apartment type is designed to meet the needs and lifestyle of residents.

Studio apartments are often compact and suitable for people living alone or as a couple, while larger apartments are suitable for families with young children or people who want spacious space.


The architecture of Phu My Hung’s Saigon South Residence apartment is a delicate combination of modern style and the characteristics of this land. The buildings are designed with creative lines, using glass and metal to create a modern and impressive beauty. The architecture honors the area’s natural light and green landscape, creating a living environment in harmony with nature.


In addition to classy interior design and exterior architecture, Phu My Hung’s Saigon South Residence apartment also offers a series of valuable amenities. Here, residents can enjoy a comfortable life with a swimming pool, gym, green garden, and children’s playground. These amenities not only create a relaxing space but also connect residents together in a friendly and diverse community.

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Green living environment

Phu My Hung’s Saigon South Residence project not only focuses on providing a comfortable and classy residence for residents but also attaches importance to creating a green living environment connected to nature and designed landscape. .

Pay attention to the green living environment

The project has paid special attention to protecting and developing green living environments. These elements not only create natural beauty but also help improve the quality of life of residents. The emphasis on energy efficiency and efficient wastewater treatment systems is part of the project’s commitment to the environment.

Natural elements and landscape design

Natural elements and landscape design at Phu My Hung are considered important highlights, highlighting this urban area in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. Each path in the urban area is carefully arranged to make the most of natural elements and landscape, creating an extremely interesting living space that blends with nature.

Trees and flower gardens: Saigon South Residence is designed with a diverse system of trees and flower gardens. Green gardens and trees not only make the project green but also provide a quiet and relaxing space for residents.

Lake: The project uses large and small lakes in the design. These lakes are not only an aesthetic highlight but also help cool the space, creating a comfortable spot on hot summer days.

Walking paths and outdoor play areas: Saigon South Residence provides walking paths and outdoor play areas, helping residents enjoy natural spaces and facilitating outdoor sports and recreational activities .

Open design: The project’s architecture is designed to optimize natural light and air flow. The apartments have spacious balconies and large windows to take advantage of sunlight and natural wind, helping to save energy and create a comfortable living environment.

Phu My Hung – The perfect place to live

Phu My Hung has long affirmed its position as one of the best urban areas in Ho Chi Minh City, and this is not only due to its prosperity and modernity, but also due to a series of amenities and benefits. the beauty it brings to residents.

Planning and living environment

Phu My Hung is famous for its perfect urban planning. This entire area was built with attention to creating the best living environment for residents. Wide roads, trees and lakes create a green and comfortable living space.

Saigon South Residence apartment of Phu My Hung

School and healthcare

This urban area is proud to be home to leading international schools such as SSIS (Saigon South International School) and other international schools. This is convenient for education for families with children. Furthermore, the proximity to high-quality hospitals and clinics like FV Hospital helps ensure residents’ health.


Saigon South Residence apartment in Phu My Hung is not just a place to live, but also a complete and comfortable living experience. With an ideal location, modern design, and green living environment, this is the place you can call your second home.

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