Top most beautiful apartment in district 7

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Top most beautiful apartment in District 7 gives residents an ideal place to live. With “Luxury – Fine” facilities, we are committed to meeting the living needs of modern people, helping you to have the most perfect experience when living here. But, in District 7 there are many apartment projects worth investing in. If you do not know which apartment to rent or buy in this area, let’s take a look at the suggestions below to have more options for yourself.

1. Sakura Park – Midtown

Top most beautiful apartment in district 7

Top most beautiful apartment in District 7 Sakura Park – Midtown

It will be really a big mistake if when it comes to a beautiful apartment worth owning in District 7 that you ignore Sakura Park – Midtown. Because, the project fully converges the criteria set by customers, bringing the best experience to residents.

Sakura Park – Midtown was built with a total length of up to 600m, embracing the Ca Cam River. The impressive highlight of the project is the modern design, overlooking the poetic river, creating a majestic picture of the natural landscape. Residents when coming home will be spread out on the romantic cherry blossom park, letting their souls mingle with the chirping birds and the poetic wind blowing.

High-class project facilities when the investor spends up to ⅓ of the area to create a play space for the little angels. The entire space is protected by a 24/24 security camera system to ensure security. In addition, health facilities and commercial centers are also developed to create conditions for residents to have a more fulfilling life.

2.  Nam Phúc – Le Jardin

Top most beautiful apartment in district 7

Top most beautiful apartment in District 7 Nam Phúc – Le Jardin

Nam Phuc – Le Jardin apartment is highly appreciated by the real estate world. The whole project was built with a total area of 45,000m2, located in a prime location right at the green oasis of Nam Vien.

When living in this apartment, residents will fully enjoy the poetic semi-classical design and precious green areas. The facilities of health, commerce, healthcare and education are adjacent to the apartment, creating conditions for residents to enjoy a comfortable life.

3.The Ascentia 

Top most beautiful apartment in district 7

Top most beautiful apartment in District 7 The Ascentia

The apartment is appreciated for the first time when it is located on the golden land of Nguyen Luong Bang street, located in the Nam Vien area.

The whole project provides customers with 242 apartments divided into many types such as 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, penthouse and duplex,… There are 18 shophouses for residents to choose to invest in. gives you many options.

When investing in Ascentia apartments, residents will enjoy a variety of internal and external utilities. You can easily move to international schools, parks, restaurants, famous tourist attractions. In addition, you can also experience a variety of outstanding utilities in health care, beauty care, cuisine,…

4. The Antonia 

Top most beautiful apartment in district 7

Top most beautiful apartment in District 7 The Antonia 

The Antonia is considered the most luxurious apartment project in Phu My Hung Urban Area invested and built by Phu My Hung Company. When investing in comfortable apartments worth owning in District 7, residents will partly set foot in a prosperous and classy life like only for the upper class.

The whole project has a total of 336 different apartments including 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, penthouses,… No matter which apartment you choose to live in, you will enjoy the royal life in the Nam Vien peninsula. . Because, the project is not only highly appreciated when it is located on Nguyen Luong Bang street but also converges many outstanding suspects, bringing absolute satisfaction to even the most fastidious residents.

5.  Riverpark Premier 

Top most beautiful apartment in district 7

Top most beautiful apartment in District 7 Riverpark Premier

Riverpark Premier is the most comfortable and beautiful apartment worth owning in District 7. The project is located in Canh Doi area, with complete infrastructure and utilities, meeting the needs of modern life to the fullest. .

Residents who choose to live in Riverpark Premier apartments are choosing to attach themselves to a life of one step with thousands of utilities. The investor did not hesitate to spend huge money to upgrade living values, giving residents the most perfect experience such as enjoying the majestic scenery of Vietnam’s mountains and rivers, immersing in a secure land to experience. health, beauty, medical and educational facilities.

6. Green Valley

Top most beautiful apartment in district 7

Top most beautiful apartment in District 7 Green Valley

Valley is located in the Medical and Nursing area, giving residents valuable experiences when investing money. You will be immersed in the romantic natural scenery with countless high-class facilities.

Green Valley has the charm of providing residents with valuable experiences. In particular, the construction progress is fast, with a variety of areas for residents to choose from. In addition, living in this space also helps residents comfortably experience a variety of top-class facilities.

Top most beautiful apartment in District 7 have been revealed by us above. All these projects are highly appreciated for their quality, bringing the most perfect experiences to residents while ensuring safety and comfort for a trendy life. If you have a need to buy, sell or rent an apartment in District 7, do not hesitate to contact us immediately for support.


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