Utilities of Hung Phuc Premier district 7

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Most of the apartments in Phu My Hung in District 7 are focused on the lives of residents by the investor, so they have researched and built increasingly modern standard facilities. In the hustle and bustle of work, urban people choose to live smarter thanks to technology and convenient places to live. With complete infrastructure and expensive utilities, Phu My Hung is considered the perfect choice.

Please also check with us The utility of Hung Phuc Premier District 7 has what residents focus on this area. Utilities of Hung Phuc Premier District 7 put convenience and time-saving factors first, people in urban areas appreciate a place that not only needs to be fully functional but also has to be easily accessible. to amenities such as shopping, entertainment, food…

Especially young people, successful people always give priority to being considered as a golden period to strive for a career, choosing a place to live always includes modern conveniences and conveniences. so that they can focus on bigger goals in life.

Utilities of Hung Phuc Premier district 7

Discover the utilities of Hung Phuc Premier District 7

Enjoy multiple utilities and services with just a few steps

What makes Hung Phuc Premier become much more attractive to upper-class customers, is its prime location and high-class living values that the project brings to users, in line with the real estate development philosophy of the company. Phu My Hung investor, brings a 5-star standard of living to help residents relax, watch the clouds and the sky.

Utilities of Hung Phuc Premier District 7- The area around the building

 Nam Vien Green Park

Dubbed the green peninsula of peace and happiness. Nam Vien Green Park is the largest park in Saigon South. In addition to the trees, there are ponds and lakes with fish swimming, just a few steps from Hung Phuc Premier. Residents can go for a walk. exercise. This area is a gathering place for many families with young children to come here on weekends to have fun.

Utilities of Hung Phuc Premier district 7

Nam Vien Green Park

Where international schools gather

Indeed, this is the area with the most schools in Phu My Hung area such as Canadian International School from kindergarten to primary school, Taipei School, Korean School, Japanese School, Saigon South International School (SSIS)

There are also schools for Vietnamese people such as Le Van Tam School, Saigon South Kindergarten, Saigon South Primary School, and Saigon South High School.

Utilities of Hung Phuc Premier district 7

Where international schools gather

International hospitals and international clinics meet standards

This place also gathers international hospitals such as FV Hospital, Careplus International Clinic, American Eye Center, Tam Duc Heart Hospital, District 7 Hospital and other private clinics around this area.

The mall

Around this area if you want to buy anything is also available. Cresent Mall, Saigon Paragon Building, Vivo City, Supermarkets like Vinmart, City Mart, GS25 convenience stores, An Nam Court, Circle k.

Utilities of Hung Phuc Premier District 7- Utility of building

Gym room

Gym room with modern machines of 5-star standard. Air conditioning is installed to reach the cold temperature needed for residents to exercise here.

Utilities of Hung Phuc Premier district 7

Equipment is cleaned daily and periodically disinfected by staff

Swimming Pool

The first morning swimming pool is available at Phu My Hung. The swimming pool is located on the 3rd floor. Artistic inclined angle design connecting with nature, There is a BBQ area designed separate from the pool.

Utilities of Hung Phuc Premier district 7

The purpose of the investor wants to create a private space for all everyone

Community meeting room

Residents need a space for the extended family to hold an event, this is the ideal area when the room is arranged with chairs, airy windows and air conditioning.

Children’s play area

Like other buildings, engineers have designed a dedicated area for children close to the swimming pool. Very eye catching and very beautiful.

Utilities of Hung Phuc Premier district 7

Very eye catching and very beautiful

Absolute Security

One reason many people like to stay at Hung Phuc Premier in particular and Phu My Hung in general is that the level of security here is considered to be absolute. The apartments are guaranteed safe because there are many layers of security. Each building has a security guard, magnetic card and elevator card, security system and 24/7 camera, some apartments also have a smart key system.

Private and quiet space

Living in an apartment complex, residents will have a completely private space, not disturbed by noise or disturbed by neighbors. The apartments are closed and designed to reduce noise by up to 95% from the outside.

Utilities of Hung Phuc Premier district 7

The apartments are closed and designed to reduce noise by up to 95% from the outside

Guaranteed public hygiene

Another advantage of Hung Phuc Premier Area is public hygiene. Hung Phuc Premier is very clean and fresh. The workers work daily to clean, take care, pruning trees, kill insects… are done regularly according to the schedule.

Hung Phuc Premier is a place where foreigners live, most of the residents are teachers of international schools who come to live and work. All residents living here are highly educated with middle class, intellectuals, especially young intellectuals.

Utilities of Hung Phuc Premier district 7

The luxurious and sophisticated nature of Utilities of Hung Phuc Premier District 7

With the goal of considering residents’ life experience as the center, Hung Phuc Premier has created different facilities in the building. From the selection and creativity to the layout of utilities, all of them show each breath of life of future Hung Phuc Premier residents, and at the same time affirm the luxurious and sophisticated nature of Utilities of Hung Phuc Premier District 7.

Interior design of Hung Phuc Premier is rich in modern thinking but still very familiar. In the common facilities, Hung Phuc Premier has gentle, elegant tones creating an inspiring space for residents’ meetings and gatherings.

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