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Just bring the appearance of a prosperous urban place, especially Phu My Hung area; With the appearance of a young city in transition with large industrial parks and export processing zones, District 7 is very diverse in types of premises for rent such as shops, restaurants, offices for rent, or warehouses for rent. Therefore, many business investors are always interested in the services of business premises for rent in district 7.

Location District 7

  • District 7 is located in the inner city of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City is known as a potential development land with the following contiguous locations:
  • The East borders on Nhon Trach, Dong Nai and City districts. Thu Duc
  • The West borders District 8 and Binh Chanh District
  • To the south, it borders Nha Be district
  • The North borders District 4 and Ho Chi Minh City. Thu Duc

Traffic confrastructure

District 7 is considered an important southern gateway of the city. Ho Chi Minh City is invested in exploiting waterway and road transport. Thanks to that, this district becomes a bridge to open the development direction of the city. Ho Chi Minh City to the world.

Thanks to its economic potential, District 7 attracts a lot of investment from domestic and foreign enterprises, including Tan Thuan export processing zone. Since then,  Business premises for rent in district 7 has also become more bustling.

Business premises for rent in district 7

This district becomes a bridge to open the development direction of the city

Why should you choose a location for rent in District 7?

Here are some reasons to prove that renting space in District 7 is one of the ideal choices for savvy investors.

Favorable geographical location

District 7 is located near central areas such as District 5, District 1, which is convenient for moving to the city center as well as neighboring provinces. Traffic in District 7 is invested and built methodically with wide roads, dense traffic system, easy for people to move. Business premises for rent in district 7 will be the ideal choice of many people who intend to open a shop.

In addition, District 7 is also home to large commercial centers such as Cresent Mall, Parkson, Lotte Mart, … along with hospital areas and large administrative centers. Therefore, the atmosphere here is always bustling, suitable for business and trade investors.

Business premises for rent in district 7

District 7 is also home to large commercial centers such as Cresent Mall, Parkson, Lotte Mart,…

Diverse types of premises with reasonable costs

Thanks to the development with a variety of business and services,  Business premises for rent in district 7 is also very diverse. Tenants can easily search for information to cafes, shops, restaurants, office rentals or warehouses.

Depending on the area and location of the premises, the price will be different, but in general, the Business premises for rent in district 7 are quite reasonable. Tenants can access front houses priced from 15 to 30 million/month, locations office for rent in District 7 from 30 million to 100 million/month depending on the area. The land fund of  District 7 is also relatively large, so there are places that can provide warehouses up to 10000 m2. Tenants can easily choose the right one according to their purpose.

Business premises for rent in district 7

Tenants can access front houses priced from 15 to 30 million/month

District 7 attracts large investment capital

Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone is one of the largest and typical export processing zones of the city. A series of domestic and foreign businesses have set up bases here, creating a series of jobs for many workers. Thanks to that, District 7 attracts a large number of immigrants to work here. Locations  small business premises for rent in district 7 will meet all types of popular businesses to meet the shopping and entertainment needs of unskilled workers. Besides, the investment in Phu My Hung urban area also contributes to the development of  District 7. Since then, District 7 has developed more and more types of business and services.

Wrong experience of renting business premises to avoid

Do not rent premises with an inconvenient location

Some people, when searching and deciding to rent space, often choose to rent cheap premises without much concern about the location or interested but put the criteria of location after other criteria. This will make tenants think that it’s easy to compromise, just need to be cheap, but lazy to look for better premises.

Except for some business forms that are not so important to the facade, if the service business type is frequented by customers, investors should consider it. Because if you choose not good premises, customers will not come, it will cause a lot of difficulties in the business process. For businesses, if  renting an Business premises for rent in district 7 where the location is not convenient, employees will be bored when they have to move to the company.

There is no research, price comparison

Contrary to the problem mentioned above, some people have the need to rent because they have no experience in renting space, so they often rush to decide to pay down without having a thorough understanding. Tenants need to compare the price of the premises with similar premises in the vicinity to have the most accurate valuation.

Cost issues always need to be carefully considered in each business model. The cost of premises will account for a fairly large proportion of the costs. Therefore, tenants need to consider carefully before making a decision to find the cheapest Business premises for rent in district 7

Not understanding the rental area clearly

Tenants need to clarify what their purpose of renting is, their business form to determine the right area to rent. For example, a tenant who wants to rent space for business and trade in popular dishes and sidewalks cannot rent space next to Cresent Mall because there are no potential customers and the rental price is too expensive, increasing costs. Tenants should determine which potential customers will be available before deciding to rent.

Not clarifying the status of the ground

There are many cases of disputes between the two parties, the lessor and the lessee, about the status of the premises after a rental period. To ensure their interests, tenants need to check and clarify with the landlord about the status of the premises. Tenants need to carefully check whether the walls and floors are cracked or leaking; Are the lighting and plumbing systems safe?

If a problem is detected, the tenant should immediately discuss with the lessor to confirm the current status of the premises to avoid unnecessary disputes later.

Do not make a detailed lease of the premises

Tenants need to avoid making the basic mistake of not having a detailed lease agreement.

A clear business premises lease contract will help tenants and lessors limit legal risks later. At the same time, the rental value and deposit are often very large, so it is necessary to make a clear and authenticated contract by the competent authority to avoid unnecessary disputes.

The premises lease contract must show the following information: leased area, rental price, deposit, date of handover of premises, current condition of the premises at handover, rental period, annual price increase (if any).

As mentioned, the contract should be notarized, it can be notarized at any private notary office or district People’s Committee to ensure its validity before the law.

The two parties need to clearly agree on the relevant fees in the contract such as: cost of notary, expansion, repair (if any), repair time

Hurry to sign the contract when there are still questions

One of the common mistakes of tenants is that when there is a question about the terms of the agreement, they do not immediately discuss it with the lessor for clarification, but leave it for later. If the terms are not clear, you need to clarify immediately with the lessor because if you wait, you will easily forget. Later, if there is a problem that the tenant asks, it is very difficult to handle.

Find premises through a brokerage company

Best House is a quality service company that helps those who are in need of renting space in District 7 quickly. The information for lease of premises in District 7 is continuously updated by Best house with a variety of rental types such as shops, restaurants, offices, warehouses.

Those wishing to rent premises in District 7 can refer to our information to search for premises, soon find a satisfactory Business premises for rent in district 7.

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