Why Are Prices So High In THE HORIZON apartment?

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Why Are Prices So High In THE HORIZON apartment? – Over the past decade, the Phu My Hung area in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City has become a symbol of urban development in Vietnam. Not only does it attract the attention of local people, but it is also an ideal destination for those investing in real estate. Among the apartment projects in Phu My Hung, apartments in THE HORIZON Phu My Hung have emerged with a special reputation, and the most notable thing is that real estate prices here always remain high.

Introducing Phu My Hung and THE HORIZON Phu My Hung

In the luxury strip of Phu My Hung, THE HORIZON Phu My Hung emerges as a bright star in the real estate sky. Built by prestigious names in the real estate industry, apartments at THE HORIZON Phu My Hung are symbols of perfection and luxury. These beautiful apartments are built majestically and extremely luxuriously in the middle of the prosperous Phu My Hung

With its location in the heart of Phu My Hung, this project promises to bring a classy and comfortable life to residents, while also creating an attractive investment opportunity for those who want to own a part of the legendary Phu My Hung.

Prime location

One of the great advantages of this location is the surrounding convenience. Phu My Hung boasts top international schools, modern hospitals, and excellent commercial centers. The availability of these amenities not only makes daily life convenient but also ensures a peaceful and developed living environment for both family and community.

Easy traffic

Phu My Hung is located in a convenient transportation location, with many major roads connecting to the city center and surrounding areas. This helps residents easily move to work, schools, hospitals and entertainment areas.

Landscape and living environment

Phu My Hung is carefully planned, with lush gardens and parks. The living environment here is very comfortable and enjoyable, helping residents enjoy urban life without sacrificing the natural environment.


This area is also famous for its security and safety. Security protection and management measures ensure that residents have a peaceful and safe living environment, helping them enjoy life without worrying about security.

Potential price increase

Phu My Hung’s location not only creates a good living environment but also has the potential for significant price increases in the future. The continuous development of this area has attracted the interest of investors and increased the value of real estate here over time.

Classy architecture and design

The apartment at THE HORIZON Phu My Hung is not simply a real estate project but also a work of modern art. The attention to detail and the use of high-quality construction materials have created an extremely impressive and classy living space.

Why Are Prices So High In THE HORIZON apartment?

The architecture of the apartment at THE HORIZON Phu My Hung combines elegance and modernity, with delicate lines and solid structure. Each apartment and utility area is delicately designed, creating comfort and convenience for residents. More than just a place to live, apartments at THE HORIZON Phu My Hung provide a luxurious living environment, where every detail is carefully considered to fully meet the needs and desires of residents.

The entire house is equipped with glass, spacious terraces along with unique furniture collections, appropriate lighting systems and high-tech security equipment.

The investor was very smart to design these top-notch luxury apartments with the main purpose of bringing a home to families. The apartment is designed with the same rooms, including a wonderful living room with sparkling light and specially designed floors with a private elevator.

Phu My Hung Prestigious brand

The prestigious brand of the investor who created the apartments at THE HORIZON Phu My Hung is one of the top strengths of this project. This comes from the fact that the project is managed and developed by a reputable and reputable corporation in the real estate field.

This group is not just a regular investor, but also a world-recognized brand with a very long history and reputation.

Their commitment to providing high quality products and services has built strong customer trust. This is not just about building beautiful buildings but also about maintaining and developing long-term relationships with the resident community.

The quality and reputation of the corporation play an important role in attracting customers and partners. The group’s projects have become symbols of excellence and class. Their reputation has created trust from both buyers and investors, which is also the reason why apartments in THE HORIZON Phu My Hung are always considered a top choice for those who are interested in investing. are looking for a classy and sustainable life.

Following: Why Are Prices So High In THE HORIZON apartment?


Established on May 19, 1993, it is a joint venture between Tan Thuan Industrial Development Company Limited (IPC – Vietnam, former name is Tan Thuan Industrial Development Company) and Phu My Hung Company. Asia Holdings (formerly known as CT&D Group – Taiwan).

Completely build the infrastructure of 150 hectares of public land to hand over to Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee for management, business, and public utility construction

Nguyen Van Linh Avenue – Historical road through the swamp

On December 30, 1996, the road was started, carrying on an important mission, contributing to bringing the southern region of Ho Chi Minh City in particular and the strategic economic regions of the Southeast region in general to a step forward. to a new page.

In 2007, the entire Nguyen Van Linh Avenue was completed, becoming a lifeline transporting goods from Ho Chi Minh City to the Mekong Delta provinces and vice versa; is an important lever to promote the process of urbanization and improvement of alum agricultural land into a modern urban area in the 21st century.

Up to now, after decades of development, the success of Phu My Hung urban area and Nguyen Van Linh avenue has not only created a boost for the South area but is also an important factor for the comprehensive development of the Triangle Area. Key economic zones in the South include Ho Chi Minh City – Dong Nai – Ba Ria Vung Tau.

Development orientation of Phu My Hung

In the context of globalization and increasingly deep international economic integration, Ho Chi Minh City’s role is a multi-polar, multi-center and multi-functional city. The inevitable need has set new development directions for the city: expanding the geographical limits as well as the nature and scale of economic types. The formation of Phu My Hung urban area is the answer. This is also the first step in the program to expand Ho Chi Minh City to the South, toward the East Sea following the trend of large metropolises in the world.

In the investment decision Decision 749/TTg dated December 8, 1994, the role and function of Phu My Hung urban area was determined: “The New Urban Area develops in parallel with the existing city, is a part of the city of Ho Chi Minh City. This area is a multi-functional mixed use: It is a Center of Finance, Trade, Service, Industry, Science, Culture, Education, Residence, Entertainment… supporting the development of the current inner city. today and is the driving force for the development of the South and Southeast of the city.”

With the weight of its pioneering role, as a premise for the process of “Towards the East Sea”, Phu My Hung Development Company Limited has begun the journey of urban creation from a swampy land with little economic value. international.

“On the acidic land that has never been explored until now, there is a group of people who have devoted 15 years to creating the new Phu My Hung urban area and based on many large-scale projects. today, there is still another group of people who continue to strive for a larger direction of developing the city towards the East Sea” (Quoted from the speech of Mr. Lawrence S. Ting – Late Chairman of the Board of Directors Phu My Hung Development Company Limited).

After nearly 3 decades of development, in addition to area A – Phu My Hung Urban has taken shape with an appearance, amenities and stature that meet international standards; Currently, Phu My Hung Company has prepared all resources for the journey to expand the scope of development across the country with the goal of “Replicating standard quality living space with a community of residents.” representative”.


In general, the price of apartments in THE HORIZON Phu My Hung is higher than other projects in the area due to a combination of many factors such as prime location, outstanding amenities, and classy design. , security and professional services, investment potential, and the prestigious brand of the management group. This is a reasonable investment for those who want to experience classy life in Phu My Hung.

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